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    Headers and Page Numbers


      So, I'm super new to inDesign, and layout in general. I'm doing my first book, and learning a LOT from my mistakes.


      So, here's the current problem. I didn't think to do page numbers and headers before doing pretty much everything else. I'm almost done with pretty much everything else. I didn't do the project as "spreads" because I had no idea that was a thing to differently than just "pages". I haven't done any masters, and I'm under the impression that it's too late to do that now. So, I'm picturing having to manually put in a little one-line text box at the top of every page to put the header and page number in. But, I can't think of how to do that when there's already text in the main full-page text box. Is there some easy way to take care of this? How would I even do this the hard way?


      oh yeah, i'm using CS3.