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    TweenMax a  Child symbol

    oliverS Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      this is my last try, then I will return to a brave tweening Designer.


      I asked a few times ago, but unforunately no solution at the end:


      I placed a symol on stage with a trigger at the first frame:



      var eins = sym.createChildSymbol("eins", "Stage");


                'position': 'absolute',

                'left': 100,

                'top': 0





      Now I know (thank you BigMucho) that I can move the symbol with te following code:


      var eins = sym.createChildSymbol("eins", "Stage");

      var moveEins = eins.getSymbolElement();


      TweenMax.set(moveEins, {position:'absolute', left:100, top:0});

      TweenMax.to(moveEins, 2, {y:120, scale:1, opacity:1, delay:0, ease:Expo.easeOut});


      Whith this code I placed the symbol from the library and move it in one step.


      But I want to move the symbol (eins) which is already placed on the stage (with a trigger),


      whith a button afterwards.




      For better anderstanding:




      Maybe there is someone, who can imagine what I want.



      Greetings form germany