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    Map ID Processing for a CHM file

    LPMichael Level 1
      This is just a question so I understand fully how this works...

      I have created a Map file for my project and assigned numeric map ID's to each topic that needs to be linked from my application to my CHM file. I have a topic with:

      Topic Title = "Historical HPI Data Viewer"
      File Name in source = "Historical_HPI_Viewer_Overview.htm"
      MapID = 60

      My developers use the map ID of 60 and are having a problem getting to the topic (all other maps work). Not sure what the problem is just yet (developer just emailed this morning that "it's not coming up"). I tested in the CSH tester in the Tools tab and it works fine.

      I just want to understand how the CHM file interprets the map ID sent to it and would like to know how the map ID works with the topic and the call from the application.

      Does RoboHelp put the map ID in the topic source somewhere?
      I cannot find any notation of the map id in the topic source.
      Is this put into the CHM file when compiled or does it interpret the Map ID to the Topic Title?
      What if the topic title is modified and no new Map file is generated, is this a problem?

      As always, any information would be appreciated.

      Thanks - Michael F Weart
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Michael.
          There are two parts to context sensitive help. The first is the map file that assigns a mapid number to a topic. This uses a topic id that is linked to the file via the second element - the alias file. This file - look for the project's .ALI file - contains the topic id and the file name. Hope this helps.