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    Image Size, quality, coloring on tv from dvd

    help nikeda please

      1.I have edited footage previously from my Samsung (HMX-F80) camcorder & was able to edit it without it showing in widescreen (the black bars at the top & bottom). I could then choose widescreen during the burning to DVD process.

      Now on my new project, it is showing in widescreen.

      I do not want to stretch it or click Scale To Frame Size as I will lose the edges of my footage.

      I have .mp4 files from my camcorder & .vob files from a downloaded DVD in this project?


      How can I restore the footage to fill the rectangle?



      Info: Premiere Elements 11

      mp4 Image Size: 1280 X 720

      .vob Image Size: 720 x 480

      Frame Rate: 29.97

      Working on a PC


      2. Also, my footage is now slightly pixelated. I’m hoping once I correct the above fill problem- this will then stretch the image thus correcting the pixelating.

      I right-clicked on the preview screen & then clicked on Playback Quality & changed Automatic to Highest and that has slightly helped the pixelating.

      I’ve never had this problem before & I don’t know what made it appear like this now.

      Any thoughts to fully correct it?



      3. Lately, the DVD’s I have created are showing a green tint on my tv. I have not changed any coloring effects.  On my PC, the coloring is perfect.  Any thoughts to correct this?


      Thank you.

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          What is the display aspect ratio of the 720 x 480, 4:3 or 16:9?


          And what is your is intended export, burn to disc DVD standard 4:3 or standard widescreen 16:9?


          When you were making key project settings decisions, what did you set as the Premiere Elements 11 project preset and did you end up:


          a. scaling the 1280 x  720 16:9 to fit a 4:3 monitor space


          b. scale the 720 x 480 4:3 to fit a 16:9 monitor space


          c. other