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    Cineware Performance.


      I created a very simple low poly animation in C4D R12 that I loaded in AE CC.  It's got simple daylight lighting with no extra render effects on it.  In AE CC it's rendering super slow.  As this is the first time I'm using Cineware, I'm sure there's some of you who have had this issue and found some nice tweaks to make your life happy again.  I'd love to hear them.  :-)


      Win7 Pro 64Bit

      NVidia GTX 560

      32GB High Speed RAM

      12 core 3.2ghz CPU

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Is it rendering any more slowly in After Effects than in Cinema 4D with the same settings?


          There are details here about how to tweak render settings in the Cineware effect to get better performance for previews:

          http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2013/04/details-of-cinema-4d-integration-with-after-ef fects.html

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            TwoReelFX Level 1

            My apologies Todd, I see where you were heading.  Naturally this has nothing to do with AE since it's only using Maxon's renderer anyway.  Yes, it was slow in C4D.  I adjusted the sunlight settings and shadow parameters.  Small model anyway, critical detail not required.  Render each frame now in less than a few seconds.  Much better.


            Sorry for the quick trigger folks!

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              DJ AMatterFact

              In my project, in cinema 4d it would render each frame in like 3 seconds (I have 8 threads in my computer and 8 selected in cinema 4d) but in after effects it takes over a minute per frame to render. Any tips?

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                EchoOut Level 1

                Something really weird is going on with my computer lab at school using Cineware on our Mac Pros. I'm in the depths of dealing with Maxon tech support and will be contacting Adobe's tomorrow to get this figured out, even if it takes a while. My class curriculum is about using CineWare and we're having to resort to using the AEC plugin workflow for any of this stuff to be usable. I'll report back if we have any revelations!

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                  Arrakis Level 1

                  My c4d render takes approx 30 minutes in C4D but 8 hours in After effects and 17 hours in adobe media encoder.    This pretty much makes cineware useless because lets face it nobody is going to wait 17 hours for a 4 second animation to render.    I have looked at Todds link but most of it seems to be more promotional and discussing how amazing and wonderful cineware integration is and very little information about how to get faster render times.