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    LCDS and Flex 3 SDK

      I am trying to deploy a web application with Tomcat 5.5. For that I have unzipped Flex 3 SDK (beta version) and then used jar files in my app (under WEB-INF/flex/jars). I have also added the corresponding jar files of LCDS in WEB-INF/lib.
      In my web.xml file I have <param-value>flex2.server.j2ee.MxmlServlet</param-value> for FlexMxmlServlet and
      <param-value>flex2.server.j2ee.SwfServlet</param-value> for FlexSwfServlet.

      When I try to access an mxml file on the server it throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: flex.webtier.server.j2ee.MxmlServlet
      Why it tries to look for that class instead of flex2.server.j2ee.MxmlServlet?

      Has anyone got experience with this?