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    ASUS P9X79Pro, BIOS Question on default boot device

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I was wondering if someone here with the same MB model might be able to help me out, maybe Harm, allthough AFAIR you have the WS model of the P9X79.


      I have a PC where I have build in a HDD caddy to be able to boot from different HDD's/SSD's depending on OS annd applications.


      Obviously it is the same connector on the board used every time I switch, but a different disc inside the caddy of course.


      I can set the bios to boot on one disc, a seagate for example, but as soon as I shut down and switch to another disc, a WD for example, I have to press F8 for boot options and select the WD disc manually, allthough the WD disc also is named "P0:".


      So my question is: is it possible to tell the bios to boot from "P0" at default every time, instead of choosing a different disc, or is there one connector on the MB which is default always?


      I use this setup on another PC with an old Intel board, and it works just great, so when I installed the same on the one with the ASUS board, I just assumed that it would work.