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    windows 8 computer crashes flash applications on windows 7 laptops.


      have just bought windows 8 all in one laptop and it shares a wi fi connection with 2 other family windows 7 laptops.

      I can run certain flash programmes forever on the 2 windows laptops but within seconds of switching on my windows 8 computer the flash programmes crash on both laptops even when wired on the ethernet.( 2 seperate website games )

      Have checked signals from router before during and after and there is no change in download speeds which are 14 MPS ?????? as soon as I disconnect the windows 8 computer from the internet the programmes start to work on both the other 2 laptops.

      Dell says it has not come across this problem before so its not their problem and microsoft havent been able to help  .......but something is happenning , andI am hoping someone can shed some light


      john tandy.