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    InDesign Text Variables - Bug

    Sarankup Level 1



      I have 4 text variable in InDesign document, which has about 150 characters length. For example,


      1. Journal name: (Copy from my specified paragraph style)
      2. Year: 2013 (custom text)
      3. Volume: 13 (custom text)
      4. Issue:8 (custom text)


      When I insert, all those text variable into some paragraph (exactly as inline with other texts), InDesign kern the complete line of text so tight in such a way no one can read. I guess that InDesign count all those variable characters just as 4 characters irrespective they hold 150 characters length. Here is the screen shot pasted. Please advise how to resolve the issue.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You are correct about how ID treats variables. I thought adding some sort of space or discretionary break character might let the next variable move to the next line, but no, apparently not. Forced line break or paragraph return seem to be the only things that work.

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            peter minneapolis Level 4

            Here's one possible way to have ID text variables that wrap around line endings:


            * Follow this link to the Adobe feature and bug reporting form: Wishform.

            * FIll out the form.

            * Tell all your colleagues to do the same.

            * Wait patiently...<G>


            Often, feqture requests find their way into new Adobe products. The more requests, the more likely your wish may come true.






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