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    Bridge CC (German) doesn't display aperture values correctly


      Hi everyone,


      the German edition of Bridge CC still seems to have the same bug as Bridge CS6:

      Bridge displays aperture values as integer values both in the filter column and in the metadata box, e.g. f1.4 is shown as 1.0, f2.8 is shown as 2.0, f5.6 is shown as 5.0 etc.


      I've reported this bug last year to Adobe and they call it a "known issue" due to the decimal sign ("," instead of "."). Unfortunately, Adobe didn't care to correct it for the CC-Upgrade.


      It can be corrected manually by changing the variable "Decimal" from "," to "." in the file strings.txt which can be found in the folder "Content/Resources/de.lproj" (accessible, when right-clicking on Bridge.app, => "Show content"). You will need admin rights to do so.

      So far I've had to repeat these steps after each Camera Raw Upgrade which is a little annoying.


      I hope this can help other's having this issue.


      Cheers, Joe