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    Problem downloading LiveCycle ES2.5 Evaluation Virtual Appliance trial




      when I tried to download the LiveCycle ES2.5 Evaluation Virtual Appliance trial, I received for the download link (http://d2x45prcet210j.cloudfront.net/LiveCycleES2.5-0.0.5.zip) the following error message:

      For the XML file no stylesheet is defined


      <Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>489E4B1E916BEF18</RequestId><HostId>0WeDgBEvbb+dRS53SwU3zLpcJ4 UY+WWgIi/00RbRm4HGx/FiwVTMjTkVtnlr9Osx</HostId></Error>


      Is the file still downloadable? Or is there any other location I could obtain the LiveCycle ES2.5 VMware Workstation/Player version


      Any help would be highly appreciated.