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      I am getting the error message

      License Server  Communication Problems;E_LIC_Already_Fulfilled_BY_Another_USER.

      I have authorised my computer with my adobe id. Since then I have read many e-books.

      I had a problem with my samsung tablet devise ( could not be authorised) and therefore I tried to find a solution online. I read tha a possible solution was to upload my ebooks to txtr account and then to txtr android application. This was not working so I downloaded txtr application to my computer. When I tried to open txtr application it told me to deactivate authorisation of computer. Anyway, I did but txtr application did not upload my ebooks. So I decided that nothing else could be done. Then when I tried to open ebook with digital edition 2.0 it gave me the above message. With control+shift+D I erased authorisasion of computer and I put my old adobe ID. I also noticed that in Authorisation Information it showed also txtr account but my default was my adobe Id account.

      I also tried to uninstall digital edition ( and cookies) but then the same problem. Although the ebook was initially opened with my adobe id account and I have already read the half of it, now it does not recognize the vendor ID.

      What can I do??  I am worried that I will have problem and if I buy a new book.

      Please help me.