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    Import whole bevy of files into ColdFusion Builder


      Hi!  I'm new at this, so forgive me if this is a silly question.


      I have installed ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1.  I have a whole lot of files residing in various folders that I have copied onto our development server where ColdFusion resides, and need to import them to a project or create a new project with them so I can edit them in the ColdFusion Builder (did I say that right?)


      The problem is, when I import or start a new project, all the files do not come over.  When I add it using a linked folder, and try to run the index.cfm page, I get "Selected file is not in the document root of the server.  If the project is not in the document root, created a linked folder to the document root (selecting Project Properties > ColdFusion Project).


      I believe I have already created a linked folder by going to linked folders for the project.  I can see all my files and folders on the left.  When I go to this dialog area, I see my linked folder, but I still get that error.


      The gist of it all is this -- I need to access all my files (including Application.cfc) in this structure as I inherited it all with little documentation.  Is this possible?


      There are no silly questions, only silly people who ask questions.  Please forgive me if I am one of them.  Thank you!



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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          David, welcome to the world of CFB. It can be a little challenging at first, as it’s a new paradigm for many (if they have no prior experience with Eclipse, on which CFB is based.)


          I have a few thoughts on your challenge, and while I could wish to answer you in just a sentence or two, the fact is that if it was that easy to explain and understand, you wouldn’t be having the challenges! I think you may have a couple of misunderstandings, and since you’re so kind as to admit being new, and especially being open to getting better understanding, I’m happy to help if I might.


          First, let me point out that you don’t need to have the files in CFBuilder at all to “run them”. But you say when you “try to run the index.cfm page” you get the error, “Selected file is not in the document root of the server.  If the project is not in the document root, created a linked folder to the document root”. So I suspect you are trying to run the page from within CFB itself.


          Let’s be clear: while CFB does have an option to “run” a page”, it’s not CFB that “runs” it but rather ColdFusion running somewhere (whether on your local machine or on a server), depending on the URL used to launch the page (which you can configure in CFB on a project basis, for instance.)


          If you may be using that “run” feature, because you thought CFB would somehow “run” your pages, it does not. You have to have CF itself (the server, available in a free Developer Edition if needed) setup somewhere to run the page per the URL used in a browser (or in CFB) to launch that page. Do you have such a page? If not, that’s a separate matter entirely.


          But let’s say you do have CF setup somewhere and you can browse the pages in a browser via some URL. The question then is why do you want to use the “run’ feature in CFB. I realize that since you’re new, you may just have assumed “well that’s what I thought I had to do’. I’m saying you don’t.


          That said, and back to your first question, there are features of CFB which only work if you open a file as part of a project (or which is linked from within one).


          But then you ask how to cause all files in a folder to become part of a project. Well, that’s another potential pothole. Are these CF files in some docroot, where they are then executed if requested via a browser? If so, then yes, you would typically create a project to point to the folder containing all the files for a particular app, and CFB would pull them all in. But you refer to having files in different places. Are they related to each other? If so, then you may not want them all in one project.


          Let’s turn all this a different direction: if you just want to open the files to edit them, and don’t necessarily want to take advantage of all the features that are only available to files opened as projects, you can forego using projects entirely and just open the files up using the File view (rather than the Navigator view). It lets you point to any file in any folder in your OS. It’s not always the best idea to work that way (since again some features only work for files in projects), but some people never leverage those features anyway and to them CFB is just “a CF editor”. It would work like that as “a way to edit CF files”, using that Files view.


          But for most people it would be best to get things setup in projects, and for some they need to use linked folders, but most (I find) do not unless they have a fairly complex setup of their folders.


          I would recommend you read (if you have not) the CFBuilder documentation. There’s a guide from Adobe that walks through the basics of using it (which many never even know exists). It’s available in the Help menu of CFB itself, or online via http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusionBuilder/2.0/Using/.


          Let us know if that helps.





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            CFNewbie2 Level 1



            Thank you so much for your response.  I greatly appreciate it.


            I will drop everything (including the files in question) in the docroot of the wwwroot and see what happens.  Meanwhile, I am working this weekend going through ColdFusion documentation for the CFBuilder that you suggested.  I am grateful that you work weekends!