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    Multicam not working after restart/update


      This morning I edited a multicam sequence (two cameras) and got it like I wanted.   I then exited Premiere Pro and saw that there was a 'bug fix' update from "the Cloud".  I installed the update.


      Now, when I open my project and turn on Multi Camera (on the multicam sequence), the multi-cam clip is shown with the cuts I made, but as the play head gets the each cut, the video I see in the monitor starts at the beginning of the sequence.   It plays until I get to the next cut, then then video I see starts over again from the beginning - to the next cut and so on and so on. 


      The audio, from what I can tell is uneffected in that it seems to be playing correctly.


      I did NOT change the monitor to Composite before I shut down PP- I left the multicam view on.   That might cause issues - though it shouldn't. 


      Anyone with previous and like issues, or Adobe, please chime in.




      Later edit:


      I am not saying the recent update caused the problem, I did NOT open the project again before I installed the update.   However, if there's a way to back out this mornings update, that might be worth a try. . .  I don't know if that's possible.