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    Audio Transition (Cross Fade) Questions - Pre 11

    jammin109 Level 1

      I’m trying to transition between two clips of background music on the soundtrack.  Both music selections are violin & guitar instrumentals, and I want essentially to do an audio “cross dissolve” transition to blend the  two musical pieces together.


      I found the “Constant Gain” and “Constant Power” cross fades under Audio Transitions, however, I’m not sure what they do or if I’m using them corectly.  When I try to apply the effect to the junction of the two clips, it attaches to only one, and the Left Clip/Between Clip/Right Clip dialog is grayed out.  (I’ve trimmed both clips so there’s plenty of head and tail room  on both).



      1. What’s the proper way to apply the cross fade audio transitions?
      2. What’s the difference between Constant Gain and Constant Power?