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    m2ts file in original transfer location syncs audio fine, copied to new location, it doesn't.

    MD Optofonik Level 1

      I moved the entire folder for the m2ts file in question from the storage drive to which I originally copied it (from the SD card) to the drive where my active project's video files. my working files, are located.


      When playing back the copied file in my source monitor before or after import, or on my timeline, the audio appears to lose sync. Upon careful listening, however, it appears there are actual jumps in the audio as if someone randomly ripple edited the audio.. A total of about five minutes of audio is missing.


      If I play the file from it's original location It's ot a problem.


      Both files regardless of location, however, play fine in VLC (VideoLAN).


      Any insight into why this is happening and how to fix it?


      Again, I am copying the entire folder and it's contents, all the files related to the clip.


      Thanks in advance.