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    CC save locks out CS6. It's pay forever from now on.


      It's official, the handcuffs went into effect with CC's release. Files saved in CC will not open in CS6. The scheme works and forces existing users trying to stay current with their tools into Adobe's pay forever scheme. Yes there is IDML workaround but that is hardly a solution or group friendly, let along long term viable. I am stunned that CC actually shipped with this scheme still in place.


      So today it begins. We have no choice but to give Adobe managers 100% control to stop access to our work, our long loved tools, and let Adobe hold anyone hostage at any moment for more money with a simple change to the ULA, or glitch.  It's pay whatever the current keymasters decide, whenever they demand it, or lose everything.  I am sick to my stomach. 


      Adobe, how could you do this to us, after 10+ years of devotion to building you up?  Don't give me that story that it's too hard to support both CC as standalone and as Cloud, that is just a plain lie. Why not dump about 75% of the worthless apps added for "value" and use those resources. CS6 lags behind but sold forever is stupidity too, while we watch CC engineering efforts grow. This is disgusting. Excuse me, I need to go throw up.

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          MW Design Level 5

          While I don't like the new CC model, which version of ID ever allowed opening its files in a previous version natively?


          No one is forcing me to sign-up to CC. Not one previous customer has indicated they are moving forward with CC. Heck, most of my ID customers are using 5.5, maybe a third are using CS6. Should I get a new customer requiring CC, I'll pay for the use of it and drop it when the deliverables have been handed over. I don't like that this is how I will need to handle it, but I'll cross those roads as I come to them.


          Adobe is under no obligation to make my life easy in the use/licensing of their software. Just like I get to make decisions that better my businesses in my POV, they do too. We both get to deal with the fall-out for those decisions.


          Take care, Mike

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            Herbert2001 Level 4

            You do have a choice: stop using Adobe products. I switched to other products eight months ago, because I expected Adobe to go down this road sooner or later. And I have been a loyal Adobe user since Photoshop 3!


            Many alternatives for InDesign out there.


            When enough users stop using Adobe products, the market will balance out. You are in control - Adobe tries very hard to convince their users that they do not have any other choice, but to go along with the CC model. Obviously that is not true, and viable alternatives exist (well, except for After Effects).