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    What is this adb (Android Debug Bridge) executable doing in InDesign CS6?

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      In my Adobe InDesign CS6 there is a weird binary in a Utilities subdirectory:


      hermione:~ foo$ file "/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS6/Utilities/adb"

      /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS6/Utilities/adb: Mach-O executable i386


      It was running on my system, shown with the 'ps' command as:


      adb fork-server server


      When looking for that command, it seems to be an Android Debug Bridge. And indeed, when looking at the strings found in this executable, it seems to be Android Debug Bridge (it contains adb's help text). It also contains stuff like information about secure devices (e.g. credit cards) which may be standard in the SSL library linked to it.


      It looks like this Android Debug Bridge executable was installed on June 8 on this system. When I start InDesign CS6 it is started and keeps running, even if I quit InDesign. It keeps running even if I log out.


      Is this as it is supposed to be or is my system corrupted? As far as I have ben able to check, this has been created using Adobe Installer software.