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    False 404 Error, PHP Problem

    gabessdsp Community Member

      So I have the same exact setup locally and remotely and I have checked all of the files on my host.


      But for some reason locally this is working with PHP:







      but that is not working remotely.



      Anybody have any idea why?

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          SnakEyez02 CommunityMVP

          I'm thinking it has to do with the slashes in the URL.  Are they encoded when they are passed or no?  Personally, I'd rethink what is passed to the page variable even if it writes out as:



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            gabessdsp Community Member

            Okay, but why does it work locally but not remotely? Here is my code I use for the page variable:






            and so if I do a link liek this:


            <a href="index.php?page=/folder/folder/info"></a>


            Then it would just find the file content/folder/folder/info.php


            and then include that on the page.


            And like I said it works locally but not remotely