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    No Database Panel option


      I'm incredibly new to dreamweaver, but following some tutorials my lecturer gave me.  However, in this project, I have to link the db I made in XAMP to the site via the Database Panel.  Now, there's no panel showing by default, going to the Windows tab does not have Database listed under it, and Ctrl-Shift-F10 just gives the same options as right-clicking.  I do have a .php page open, so it should (as far as I'm aware) be available, but it's just...not.


      Any idea why it's not there and how I can make it be? Or at least how I can create a new MySQL connection without it?

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which version of DW are you using?


          Which version of DW are the tutorials designed for?

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            Suzie1265 Level 1

            Managed to get a response elsewhere already (yay!), and because I despise Google results pages being filled with unanswered questions whenever I go to look for an answer, I'm reposting it.  No credit claimed, but hopefully it helps someone's future Googlings.


            1. Install Extension Manager CC if not already installed.

            2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\configuration\DisabledFeatures (Windows PC)

            3. Double-click Deprecated_ServerBehaviorsPanel_Support.zxp (it'll open the Extension Manager)

            4. Once that finishes installing and shows it in the extensions list with Enabled ticked, open up Dreamweaver, et voila! Database Panel is back under the Window tab.

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              Suzie1265 Level 1

              Should have mentioned them in the intial question sorry (using whatever the current one is, think it's just CC, or is it 6? and the tutorials were done in 5 but I was told everything was the same).  Anyway, thanks for responding managed to get a solution elsewhere that sorted it (depreciated features, yuk!), so popped it below for future panicing students.


              Thank you for responding though, appreciate folk trying to help.

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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                Suzie, they are deprecated for a reason.  Unless absolutely necessary it's not recommended that you use them for new sites.  It was deprecated because it uses old PHP code which may not work in many newer server environments and also becuase of the security risk the generated code opens up.

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                  Suzie1265 Level 1

                  Aye, it's only for a college project though, so security and such isn't really an issue.  Thanks though, good to know in case it's ever a 'real life' issue!