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    No Source or Properties windows?


      I was doing fine on the tutorial until he asked me to open up certain windows which my up-to-date of Dreamweaver does not have.  I have the Adobe Cloud version, and this is the tutorial the Cloud sent me to.  There is no window called "Sources", and there is also no "Properties" window that expands to show the properties.  the only way I can access these things is by opening the css files themselves and hunting manually to find what he's talking about.  Which is too bad, the properties window has amazing shortcuts, and some things that I can't find anywhere.  I can go no further in this tutorial, and find it useless since my version of Dreamweaver looks nothing like what he's showing me.  What's wrong?  Why are they different?

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          brinaldi Employee Moderator

          The sources and properties panels are all part of the CSS Designer panel. This can be opened via a number of ways, including going to Window > CSS Designer or pressing Shift+F11. David is viewing it in an expanded view. To see it in expanded view, simply choose expanded from the drop down on the upper right hand side of your Dreamweaver window. See the screenshot below which highlights these items.