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    cs4 and sony nx5u-nxcam footage

    ph1llyman Level 1

      Hello All,

      Have not posted in a while so I hope this is ok.Would like to know if avc hd footage from a sony nx5u-nxcam camcorder can be captured and edit on a pc.

      MB:intel d975Xbx2

      CPU: intel core2 extreme QX6800 2.93mhz 1066

      OS: Win XP Pro SP3


      System Drive: 300 gb 7200 rpm

      Video Drive : 2- 320 gb 7200 rpm raid 0

      Display Adapter: Nvidia gefore 7950gt 500mb? I think

      Matrox Card:RTX-2 with rtx 2.421 001,002,and 003 up dates.


      Thank for Your Help,