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    Using Titles created with the Title Tool Crash PPRO CC


      I'm running into an issue where when using TITLES created in PPro CC and then lay them over footage, the video playback just goes to black and won't playback my timeline. It literally forces me to quit, restart and then render upon re-entry to even preview my titles. Thoughts? Ideas?


      Seems all the issues I run into are with video playback/output. I previously posted that my screen goes black or white when CC will cease to playback any more video... this usually happens when I apply a filter and begin to play around with it, tweaking the settings. If I drop and go it seems to just work... but anytime I need to playback, repeatidly, my machine crashes videoplayback. Luckily I can save and quite still, as I recognize the error, but this is a pretty ridiculous request 25 times a day... At the moment Premiere (non PRO) from 10 years ago was more stable in this department... I'm sure its just something with my machine, but until someone can answer otherwise, it leads me to believe this is just an unstable build... and I don't want to think of it like that.


      For the record --


      Running OSX 10.8.4, Macbook Retina, Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, CUDA Driver 5.0.61, 16GB Ram... mostly DSLR footage and some ProRes files. Using a USB 3 drive and not noticing a difference when using the desktop as a testing ground...


      Is there anything I'm missing, places to look?

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Sorry for the frustration.


          Have you tried disabling CUDA when performing the problematic steps? Or run in OpenCL? 


          Peter Garaway


          Premiere Pro

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            bkgarceau Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for the suggestion. I had forgot about OpenCL. Before remembering that the particular Nvidia card does not support OpenCL in PPro CC... being an Nvidia card. Also its not listed on the approved list.




            But more telling is the warning that appears when you try to switch between CUDA and OpenCL, which warns that its not supported on my system. However it lets me move forward... but immediatly crashes on the simpilist of task. This is a bit of a bummer as I feel I had better stability in OpenCL in Premiere CS6. Not much more, but helped me out in a pinch.


            Hmm, still looking for a few answers. Is there anyone with any ideas or is there a good way to contact someone at Adobe to help me with my issue? I fear if I just call up that I will run into someone trying a list of tasks that I most likely (though admittly sometimes miss) have already done. I guess otherwise thats the only option I have...

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              Hi Peter


              For a few months, I had no problems with using Title with PPRO CS6.  Now, PPRO crashes after I select New Title (after selecting Title > New Title> Default Still>).  I get the Title window but no further. 


              I am using Dell Studio XPS 8100; Intel(R) Core(TM) i& CPU  860@ 2.80GHz 2.80GHZ; 12GB installed memory; 64-bit operating system;  Windows 7.