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    Premiere Workflow Final Product Quality Question - General

    Cadillacula Level 1

      Clarification: This is just a general workflow question regardless of hardware/software/cpu/gpu. I'm also not asking about rendering times - just how the final product looks.


      Do any one of the following 3 workflow methods have any bearing on the "quality" or "look/feel" of the final output of a project.


      Specific effects are named in my examples just for the heck of it - the root of my question is if any given workflow with any given effects applied affects the quality of the final export/render.


      #1) Raw Clip => Apply Sharpness => Apply Levels => Apply Three-Way CC => Export final product.


      #2) Raw Clip => Apply Sharpness => Export Clip => Import Clip => Apply Levels => Export Clip => Import Clip => Apply Three-Way CC => Export final product.


      #3) Raw Clip (sequence 1) => Apply Sharpness => Create sequence 2 and drag sequence 1 onto it => Apply Levels to sequence 2 => Create sequence 3 and drag sequence 2 onto it => apply Three-Way CC to sequence 3 => Export sequence 3 as final product.