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    Can an Adobe Bridge web gallery slideshow file be inserted in Dreamweaver as part of the homepage?

    Noradc Level 1

      Hello.  I am designing the homepage of my first website in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.  And I would like for the page to include a slideshow that automatically plays as soon as a visitor opens the webpage.  I am interested in using Adobe Bridge to create the slideshow using the feature "web gallery."  The tutorials that I've seen describe how to create the web gallery slideshow, then show how it appears when uploaded to the web as an html file through FTP to a server.  It appears as a separate page.  And I notice that the web gallery file is an index file.  I would appreciate knowing how to include the html file as part of the homepage.  Will simply renaming the file from being "index.html" to something like "my_first_slideshow.html" make possible including it in the site structure?  Or will doing so cause it and the files attached to it to be inaccessable when viewed in a browser?  If it can be included in the site, is an <iframe> needed to be in the code for the slideshow to fit into?  Thank you.