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    Animate symbols

    Rafael Zuma

      Hi, Guys!

      I'm trying to animate a symbol into another symbol, but it is not working.



      The code is this:

      sym.getSymbol ("father"). getSymbol ("child"). animate ({top: 0}, 500, 'linear');



      Can i apply the function. "Animate ()" on a symbol or am I doing something wrong?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Using jQuery-UI I have this working. The symbol name is father and the symbol inside father is called child.

          Note: I added a folder named js with the 2 files below.


          // insert code to be run when the composition is fully loaded here







              complete: init






          function init() {


                    var father = sym.getSymbol('father');

                    sym.$('father').click(function() {


                                        opacity: 0.25,

                                        left: '+=50',

                                        height: 'toggle'

                              }, 5000, function() {

              // Animation complete.









          If you want the click event to be on the red dot (child) change the line sym.$('father').click(function() {  to:

               father.$('child').click(function() {

               same code here


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            YOSHIOKA Ume Level 3



            I guess, we can use getSymbolElement() to access an element associated with a symbol.


            sym.getSymbol("father").getSymbol("child").getSymbolElement().animate ({top: 0}, 500, 'linear');

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              Rafael Zuma Level 1

              Hi, redesign and YOSHICA!Thanks for the help of both!

              I concluded that to animate a "symbol" (MovieClip in Flash), we can not simply put ".animate" after ".getSymbol", we must have ".getSymbolElement" before ".animate".


              Does not work:

              sym.getSymbol("test").animate ({top: -50}, 2000, 'linear');



              sym.getSymbol("test").getSymbolElement().animate ({top: -50}, 2000, 'linear');

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                heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                Rafael, try this. Note the direct jquery handler reference $("child"). I just tested this and it works.


                sym.getSymbol("father").$("child").animate ({top: -50}, 2000, 'linear');



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                  Rafael Zuma Level 1

                  Yes, it works when I want to animate an "element" within a "symbol". But what I wanted was to animate a "symbol".



                  So if you try the way down, you will not get:



                  sym.getSymbol ("father"). animate ({top: -50}, 2000, 'linear');

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                    heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                    It works, I am animating a symbol.


                    I have

                    Symbol called 'father'

                        within this symbol (father) I have another symbol called 'child'.


                    Using the above notation I reference you can use the jquery 'animate' method.


                    See capture.