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    Animate the drawing of a sketch

    Gargoyle Software, LLC

      I'm trying to figure out how to have my animation look like my image is being drawn.  For example, I'm going to include a Stewie Griffin character.  Instead of drawing it in Illustrator and then plopping it into AE though, I'd like it to look like it's being drawn right inside of AE.  So you'd see the various strokes making up the shape and then the colors of pants/shirts being filled in.


      I'm really new to AE, and have been looking at tons of tutorials, but the majority that relate to sketching seem to want to convert a video to a sketch, and that's not really what I'm doing. Thanks for any pointers you can provide on what I should be looking into!


      I don't need the drawing itself to be animated at all after it's done.  I won't be having it walk or swing arms or anything like that.