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    Best practice for running multiple instances?

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      I have a MMPRPG interface that currently uses shared objects to store several pages of information per account.  A lot of users have several accounts (some as many as 50 or more) and may access only one or several different game servers..  I am building a manager application in air to manage them and plan on putting all the information in several sql db's. 


      The original authors obviously had no idea what the future held.  Currently players have a separate folder for each account, with a copy of the same swf application in EACH folder.  So if a player has 20 accounts, he manually opens 20 instances of the same swf (or projector exe, based on personal prefrence).  I have spent the last year or so tinkering with the interface, adding functionality, streamlining, etc, and have gathered a large following of supporters.


      evdb1.jpgEach account is currently a complete isolated copy of a given interface (there are several different ones out there. It could shape up to be quite a battle)   In order to remedy this undesireable situation, I have replaced the login screen with a controller.  The question now is how to handle instansiating each account. The original application simply replaced the login screen with the main application screen in the top application container at login.


      My main (first) question is: If I replace the login screen with a controller is it more economical to have the controller open a window for each account and load an instance of the required classes or  to compile the main application and load instances of the swf?

      Each account can have up to 10 instances of about 30 different actionscript classes that get switched in and out of the main display.  I need to be able to both send and receive events between each instance and the main controller.


      I tenatively plan on using air to open windows, and simply alter the storage system using shared objects to storing the same objects in an sql table.

      evdb2.jpgOr should that be 1 row per account?   I am not all that worried about the player db, since it is basically file storage, but the shared db will be in constant use, possibly  from several accounts. (Map and player data is updated constantly)  I am not sure yet how I plan to handle updating that one. 


      I am at the point now where all the basic groundwork is laid, and the controller (though still rough around the edges) stands ready to open some accounts...  Had the first account up and running a couple days ago, but ran into trouble when the next one tried to access what used to be static infoirmation...  The  next step is to build some databases and I need to get it right the first time.  Once I release the app and it writes a db to the users machine, I do not want to have to change it


      I am an avid listener and and an eager student.  (I have posted here before under the name eboda_kcuf but was notified a few weeks ago that it was not acceptable in the forums....)  I got some great help from Alex amd a few others, so I am sure you can help me out here. 


      After all, you guys are the pro's! just point me in the right direction.... 



      Oh, almost forgot:  I use flashbuilder 4.5, sdk 4.5.1


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