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    Trouble running back up in Elements 10


      Photoshop elements 10: Old computerdown on basic features due some problems with Windows. Bought new computer. Both computers runs Photoshop 10. All photos stored on external hard drive. I want to transfer information, such as tags  and catalogs to my new computer. All files are connected, I start a complete backup of catalog to the external hard drive. The plan is to start Photoshop Elements from the new computer with the external hard drive connected and, voila-all info, tags and catalogs should be displayed. Problem; When initiating full backup, Photoshop Elements tells me after some calculations that I have too little space on my computer, and that backup can't continue. I have lots of space both on my hard drive(300 GB) and my external drive(300 GB). Pls help...

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I guess the problem is if you are using the same external hard drive for the backup which will copy all the images again.


          You may be able to find the old catalog file and copy it into the new computer and then try and re-connect with the images. However the drive letter may be different on the new PC, which could cause problems or errors such as images off-line.


          In most cases backup and restore works best where the program and images are on the main C drive and you just use the external hard drive for backup.