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    Multiple devices one Digital Edition


      We have One PC with Digital Editions on it.

      We have One KOBO Touch reader (Jill's) which Digital editions recognises.

      We have One Galaxy Tab 2 with KOBO reading APP pre loaded (Malcolm's) which Digital editions refuses to recognize.

      We want to be able to have Both readers recognised by digital editions so that we can borrow books from our local library and transfer the book to the appropriate reader.

      How do we set this up using Digital Editions?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Most (all?) tablet reading apps don't show up in Digital Editions.


          For tablets you must use the local app to ensure it is registered with your AdobeID,

          and use a file manager (such as Windows Explorer or Finder) to transfer files from computer to tablet.


          For Apple tablets transfer is more difficult as Apple does not let them show up in file manager.

          You need to transfer the files by iTunes, Dropbox, email or other indirect transfer mechanism.