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    Premiere pro cs6 - upper fields farse


      OK so FCP 7 works fine with pro res 422 HQ normal and light. Premiere does not. Upper field settings imported straight into the sequence at first look fine. View it on a crt preview monitor through a video board (exactly the same way as FCP) and what an awful looking picture it is!

      Reversing the field settings cures this effect but hey! (having to render the footage though is not slick in a fast paced working environment) when exporting the footage to mpeg2 for dvd creation in studio pro - guess what! ....the interlacing problem is back again!

      So come on guys - will someone actually answer the question. Have I wasted several days and money trying to move to Premiere CS6 (almost on CC but holding fire on that one!).

      It's just like premiere does not see the upper field settings in the native pro res footage. And I've tried all sorts of configurations to cure the problem. The only way I found was to export the XML files to FCP7 and work with the project on there. And seeing as I'm trying to get away from FCP this isn't ideal.

      So come on tech heads from either atomos or planet earth. Lots of other people have had this problem but no one seems to get a proper answer.


      This problem occurs on both my mac pro tower running Lion and on my macbook pro running mountain Lion. Also occurs when viewing through both my canopus ADVC 300 board and directly to my Sony GV-HD700. So it's obvious it's not a board issue but software related. The filming was produced on a canon XL H1 onto an Atomos Samurai using the pro res 422 DV wide screen setting.


      Again I reiterate that this problem does not occur in FCP7!!!!