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    Am i better off using edge or jquery?

    Paul Whitehead Level 1

      I'm trying to figure out how i would like to make my picture slider for the home page of the site im working on.  Am i better off using edge to make it or is jquery a better option?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, pwhiteheadnj732-


          I might be a little biased, but I would really approach it by the amount of code savvy-ness and what level of control you'd like over the animation.  I'm a fairly strong coder, but even I like the visual animation because it can help me shortcut through the process of fiddling with the animation so that it looks "just right."


          If you take a look at the new "Floral Matchmaker" game in the samples, I'll tell you that the entire project from start to finish took about two days (including all the game logic and the creation of the asset... I'm not that strong in graphics, so that took like 2 hours), but doing all of the animation took a small fraction of the amount of time I would have spent had I done the animation by hand in jQuery.  (To play the game, mouse over the advertisement.)




          So really, it's a question of preference, but I liked the fact that I could focus on the game logic in code instead of having to do all the fiddly things in code and constantly refresh until it looks just right.



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            Agree with Elaine.  It also depends on how slim you want the entire page/app. 


            Personally I like to keep things paper-thin, and jQuery is fat library IMO.  If you have the chops, try it in vanilla JS (you can probably find your slider pre-written if you dig around).


            Alternatively (again, if you want to roll up your sleeves) go have a look at "GreenSock JS", super-thin, super-fast, pure-js animation engine. (http://www.greensock.com/gsap-js/)


            But, the client doesnt always have time for you to hand-code your animations, and thats why we all love "Animate".  :-)