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    Premiere CC Chapter markers not frame accurate in Encore CS6

    Cavemandude Level 1

      So I just made a video with 30 chapter markers at distinct cuts in the timeline using Premiere CC and exported that to an MPEG-2 video as I would in CS6. After importing the MPEG-2 file into Encore CS6 and making a New Timeline the Chapter Markers do show up but they are now all 3-15 frames early per chapter which also means none of the chapter thumbnails are going to be accurate. It's easy to check this with both programs just compare the timecode number at each chapter point in the timeline of Premiere CC then Encore CS6.


      Also noticed that the Add Chapter Marker tool that was in the Premiere CS6 timeline is missing in CC, just the Add Marker tool is there now. Couldn't find a way to add the Add Chapter Marker tool to the timeline group of tools.