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    Lossless Audio Only Export In Premiere Pro




      I have finished a long project in Premiere Pro and the original idea was to use the "Edit" > "Edit in Adobe Audition" > "Sequence" to export all my 14 tracks to make tweaks, fixes and the final mix in Audition CS6.


      Turns out the "Edit in Adobe Audition" is absolutely useless in this specific case because the .xml export format from PP to Audition will only allow to save the new Audidion project in 16-bit, 48000Hz Stereo, but all my original sound is 24-bit, 96000Hz Stereo. I could obviously live with the 48000Hz limit but not the 16-bit (which by the way makes me wonder if and how Adobe plans to make pros use Audition for a final movie mix).


      So I'm stuck with the need to render all tracks from PP to do the mix elsewhere, maybe even importing it back into Audition. Since all my audio is wav 24-bit \ 96000Hz, is it the best lossless way to export as wav selecting "Uncompressed" for "Audio Codec" and using the same sample rate and sample size from my original files?


      In case that's the best way to do it, are there any issues I should be aware of in case I decide to export it in 32-bit float instead, if necessary to use some features in Audition or other soft?


      Thanks a lot.