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    Elements 11 - Limited Colour Settings

    Spif45 Level 1

      I used to use a Windows XP computer with Photoshop 6 and an Epson RX500 Photo printer calibrated with a Spyder 2 device. Using Photoshop 6's Colour settings, I was able to achieve practically perfect matching prints from the monitor image. Wishing to update to what I thought would be a good package, I purchased an Apple iMac Mountain Lion,  Photoshop Elements 11, (I don't need a lot of what the latest full Photoshop contains) and a Spyder 4 Express calibrator, (Spyder 2 would not work). Still using my Epson RX500, I have updated the necessary drivers from both Apple and Epson.


      Using Elements, when I click Colour Settings, I get none of the choices I used to have. All I get is the option to use No Colour Management, Always Optimise Colours for Monitor Screen, Always Opitmise for Printing and Allow Me to Choose. I get some other choices after clicking Print but no where near the choices I had before. As a result, my printing results are atrocious whichever of the limited settings I use. Printing on Plain or Matte paper is especially poor being completely washed out.


      Could anyone please confirm to me that Elements does not have all the Photoshop 6 colour settings please? I am confused by Adobe's explanation of the differences between the two. Perhaps I need to get rid of Elements and buy the full version.