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    "timed out obtaining dynamiclink server connection" in After Effects

    tomniomni Level 1

      I've seen a lot of other people have this same problem, none of the solutions ive seen are working for me.


      Problem appears when i try to track camera, it goes to 'analyzing in background' then after 2 minutes or so it gives me the "timed out obtaining dynamiclink server connection" error pop-up.


      Mac OSX 10.7.5


      Using Adobe After effects CC


      2 x 2.4ghx quad-core intel xeon


      15gb ddr3 ram


      I've uninstalled Logmein which appeared as a problem in one of the solutions but that hasn't changed anything. Don't have a firewall running. Tried uninstalling After Effects CS6 and After Effects CC and then reinstalling After Effects CC. Dynamiclinkmanager pops up in activity monitor intermittently, it comes and goes repeatedly when i try to 'Track Camera' but never shows any actual use of memory.


      Is anyone able to offer help?


      Could it be some confusion in preferences / library files between my CS6 installs and CC installs?


      Thanks in advance