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    Pr CC Lumetri Looks and AMD GPU acceleration

    rexomus Level 1

      Is anyone else having issues with Premiere Pro CC Lumetri Looks with AMD graphics cards?


      I am editing a project and if I apply lumetri looks to any footage while Pr CC project settingsis set to playback using the mercury playback engine gpu accelerated (openCL) I have lots of probelms. For example, the video will look fine in the preview screen for a  short while when I preview but later my preview will turn to green or pink, or solid white or solid black. If I export my project with gpu acceleration the project eports fast but will stop in the middle because of "unknown errors".


      If I edit the same project and do all the same things except chan ge to CPU playback everything works fine but much slowe.


      I have a AMD FirePro V7900 video card which is on Pr CC's list of recommended cards for gpu acceleration.


      Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.