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    Installation of Photoshop CC to non-default drive via symlink

    Dan J McKechnie Level 1

      I downloaded Creative Cloud and installed Lightroom 5 without issue, but because they defaulted to my very tiny SSD system drive I moved them to my storage drive and created a symlink for both in their original locations. Now I am attempting to install Photoshop CC and it fails immediately, giving the error EX20, "Unable to extract files. Press Retry to download again or contact customer support." Clicking Retry causes the button to flicker the message "extracting" momentarily and return to the Retry button. What should I do?


      EDIT: I have changed Creative Cloud's install location to the one I want it to use on my system drive.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          You can't move the program once you install as you will sever links created during installation.  No matter where you install some files will reside on the root drive (C on Windows OS).


          Programs really like to run on C drive.  If you want to use a SSD get one with enough room to handle programs and keep other files on a different drive.


          You probably have to uninstall and run Adobe Script Cleaner to erase the bits and pieces the uninstall misses.  Then install at the final destination.