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    DVD Main menu button fail in some players


      I created a DVD in CS4 Encore with a first play copyright menu (including a skip button) and second play is the main menu. It all works great in my newer BluRay player, a 2009 DVD player and several machines of folks I sent copies to. The 86 minute program has two sub menus with links back to each other and the main menu. I maid a continuous play from the play button for all chapters (save some extras items) and selelcted chapters and scenes from sub menus. It works perfect. Except one guy can't get it to play.


      It plays through the copyright menu and opens the main menu. However the button navigation and the play don't work. He is on a Mac (unknown version) and an 6 year old DVD player.  I tested the DVD in my Windows Vista 64 bit Windows Media Player and a program called Media Player classic and encountered the exact issue he has. I was able to select navigation and make it play in the Classic player. I could select a chapter number one of which actually opened the sub menu where all the button highlights work. In WMP I was able to use list view and select chapter numbers to make it play.  But the main menu buttons are non-functional in both those programs.


      Does anyone know why this is and how I can create the main menu to make this work in these programs? When I check project in Encore build it shows no issues.

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          Stan Jones Ninja

          You might post a screenshot of the flowchart.

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            j.rappr11 Newcomer

            Here's the screen shot of my flow chart. You cannot see all if it 'cause there are links that fit off the screen (they all work flawlessly). I have captured the part where the problem is, the first or more accurately the second play. My clients copy will not play from the main menu. I wonder if the issue might be that link is only set from the copyright menu to the main menu and not the play button as you can see in the image capture. I have had trouble with Encore crashing when I have previewed from the copyright menu forward.  Yet when I would burn the disk it would play properly on my BluRay machine. Cpyright Menu_link_MainMenu.jpg


            I have modified my set up in my encore flow chart so that both the time out on first play of the copyright screen and the skip button  both link to the play button on the main menu. I have not made a new copy of the DVD yet to see if that will change how my Windows media and Classic Media players on Vista play the program.  But with it set that way it previews without crash and to the play button highlighted in the main menu in Encore preview.

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              A bit hard to follow with the beginning of all the menu names the same, but first play menu appears to have an overridden end action (or something) going to the main menu with various links. And the skip button also goes to the main menu.


              What is the first play menu's end action? What has the override set?

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                j.rappr11 Newcomer

                The first play item is: menu Cuba Baseball Copyright set with a time out of 24 seconds and End action is: @ Cuba Baseball Main menu_play button. Automatically route Buttons is checked.  Override is: Not set.


                Button on the first play menu Cuba Baseball Copyright is named Skip. Link is set to: @ Cuba Baseball Main Menu _ play button. Override is not set. Button Type is normal.


                (Note: Names of menus are not exact but for description.)

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                  Stan Jones Ninja

                  Odd. The dashed line (from first play menu to the main menu) means "a link overridden by a prior object. The dashed link will not be followed in this location—the end action override of the prior object is followed." Since this is the area where the problem occurs, we have to assume something is going on. But I don't know what override could be applied to get this flowchart.

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                    j.rappr11 Newcomer

                    Stan:Cuba Baseball CopyrightMenu - Adobe Encore CS4.jpg


                    I think the link overridden by a prior object here is the skip button. I opened my project and clicked on the body of the first play menu and both lines turned to blue. Here is a screen shot of that. It still shows as linking to the play button on the main menu and  override action not set. In the prior screen shot I captured the screen with the skip button selected. That clearly shows the skip button line in blue and the menu end play itself in dashed. I see that in other button selections in the flow chart as well. Where the individual button is selected it is blue. Most are solid white but some are dashed but all work as set.  I would expect that in this configuration my DVD should play normally. It of course does in most machines as already noted.

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                      Stan Jones Ninja

                      See if you have an overide set on the disk itself. I don't have any idea when you would use that, but it is an option, and that is the only way I can get a dotted line like you have.