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    Copy frames CS6


      I'm new in Flash Professional and my problem is quite simple I think: When I copy and paste a group of frames, the frames I paste includes the first frame twice, like this:

      Sin título.png

        I want to repeat the animation of these layers a lot of times, but I can't because the frame represented by a point is added when I paste what I had copied, so if I try to paste it a lot of times, it wouldn't be as I want.


      Sorry for the bad English, I hope you understand my question.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i can't tell you why the paste resulted in an extra frame 1 but, if you want to repeatedly play those first 8 frame, cut the 8 frames, insert a new movieclip and paste those frames in the movieclip.   drag that movieclip from the library to frame 1 the timeline you showed.

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            andrew9543 Level 1

            I should have thout that before hahaha now the problem is that in the frames that are represented by points the animation stops the motion interpolation. And when I paste a serie of frames the first always becomes one of the "point" frames, although I copy a "normal" frame. How can I create an interpolation between the last frame copied and the first frame pasted, automatically?

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              Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

              I believe Flash creates that extra keyframe at the end of copied froames to anchor the timeline from shortening and throwing all of your animation off. What I do is just delete that last one and everything is fine. But as KGLad said you can cycle sometihn very easy in Flahs by putting it in a symbol and extending the timeline x amount of times to achieve the cycle. One thing though and I don't know if this matters to you but a movieclip is VERY different from a graphic symbol in that if you ever intened to export the animation your doing as a movie you can not use movie clips because the animation will not export. You MUST use graphic symbols for that.

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                reverse the pasted frames.