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    Flash question

      I can't seem to find anything about this, so I figured I'd try here. I have three flash movies. One is the main stage, the second is a photo strip that embeds via loadmovie, and the third is where the big photos show up. That makes 2 blank holders in the main movie to load both external swfs into.

      Now, the actual control (the buttons) is the photo strip (which loads into the main movie as a separate swf file). I want it to be able to send control instructions to the third movie (the big photos, also a separate swf file that loads into the movie). All I need it to do is tell it to go to frame numbers or frame markers within the third movie.

      Unfortunately, all I can find out there are instances where the navigation is in the main movie. My scenario requires the main movie to just be the stage and be able to adapt with changing button movies. ANy help would be appreciated.