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    Bleeds Problem

    SebastiaoV Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I don't know what can be wrong with my file. I did follow this tutorial:

      http://designertoday.com/tutorials/indesign/4271/indesign.setting.to.show.bleeds.in.pdf.in design.cs2.tutorial.aspx


      step by step in setting bleeds and pdf configuration export but nevertheless when i export the PDF my bleeds marging is NOT there. This is the result i get.




      By the way this online tutorial has a Source File in InDesign. When i donwload and open the original file InDesign file and repeat the very same export to PDF without modifying ANY setting i still get the NO BLEEDS. The problem persist.


      Could it be my InDesign export PDF pluging is corrupt somehow? I am using InDesign CS 6 for Mac OSX 10.7.5



      Any help or ideas?


      Thanks for the info!



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It really looks like you forgot to check the box to use document bleed settings, or you didn't actually set up the bleed. (since the sample file didn't work for you, it's most likely the first. Works fine here)

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            MW Design Level 5

            Did you set up bleed in the ID document? Do the colored bars extend into the bleed area in ID?


            Show your document setup with a screen capture and post it here please. Use the camera icon to upload it here.



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              MW Design Level 5

              I just download the sample file and took a look. Peter is correct that in this file, the checkbox for using the document bleeds is the issue. And if you want the printer's marks to show up, select all or the ones you desire.




              The checkbox you need to select is in the red rectangle.




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                SebastiaoV Level 1

                Hi guys,

                I am sorry i have a silly confussion between Crop Marks and Bleed Marks. I though Bleed marks where the supossed the file to be trim but that is "crop marks".


                Thanks for your help and sorry to bother.


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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Easy to get confused by that. For what it's worth, I've never understood what purpose the bleed marks serve in a print workflow.

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                    SebastiaoV Level 1

                    Yes, you are right. Now that you said it, what could be the practical use for bleed marks?

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                      Bill Byers Level 2

                      Back in the olden days of imaging negatives onto metal printing plates it was often useful to output bleed marks on the negatives as a guide in the stripping process. For example, they could often be helpful in positioning the bleed so that it didn't encroach on the plate's gripper margin. They could also help in a step-and-repeat setup - lining up the bleed marks was an easy way to create the correct gutters.


                      But in a modern workflow, most (if not all) of the marks are generated at the RIP; I can't remember the last time I included bleed marks on anything printed or exported from InDesign. I suspect it's just one of those things that has been riding along since the PageMaker days.



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                        SebastiaoV Level 1

                        Thanks for the good info on Bleeds, Bill