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    Video timecode out of sync after upgrade from PP CS3 to PP CC


      Hello!  I am hoping someone can throw me a hail mary here, as I'm trying to wrap up a DVD project in the next few days in order to make a deadline for disc duplication by Tuesday to have done before I drive down to Texas on Thursday with hopefully 200 copies of a DVD that I already have glossy disc labels printed on the discs with no content to burn.


      I would consider myself an amateur, but successfully put together a 73-minute-long Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 project back in 2007 with three camera angles and soundboard audio.  Back then, I was working on the DVD menus in Encore CS3, but never finished due to numerous issues over the years.  So now I need to wrap up this project, because the band I videotaped is back together once again, and they want to do something with it.  Their first show is on June 29th.


      After updating the titles to no longer reflect MySpace pages and outdated information, when I tried to export to Encore CS3, it kept exporting to about 8 of 9 hours and then Premiere Pro would just shut down without explanation.  I wasted a few days trying to get this to work, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.


      So since I just built a new computer with all of the coolest stuff on it and Windows 7 64-bit, Intel i7 quad core processors, I decided to take the plunge into the Adobe Creative Cloud, even though I have no idea if this issue with PP closing for no explainable reason would be remedied by the upgrade.  I downloaded Premiere Pro CC and Encore CS6 and opened the project file that I had on CS3.  I had originally used the Smudger LET font for all titles, which was no longer listed, so my titles were all messed up.  Not a big deal.


      What is the big deal is that my audio and video files are all out of sync!  I thought it could be fixed by shifting the video files to be in sync with the audio, but that didn't quite do the trick.  I'm getting horizontal lines at the beginning of the clips that appear to be a shift in start times of the videos in general.  Even if I cut out the horizonal line parts and move the video to be in sync with the audio, the edits are all shifted and come at the wrong times.  I don't even know how to properly explain this, but I hope someone out there understands what is happening.and can tell me how to get things back in sync.


      Here's a screenshot:




      How can I tell Premiere Pro CC that I want to maintain the edits exactly where they are, but adjust the timecode to begin at 00;00;00;00 instead of 00;01;41;15, where the horizonatal lines finally disappear?  I already have over 200 hours invested in this project that I don't want to redo, especially since I'm doing this not expecting to be paid for my efforts.  I'm just a fan of a band and want to share this with other fans of the band.  Essentially, I'm donating the DVD and CD of the show to the band to help them raise money to cover the production costs of a new album.  Also, the red lines are the Neat Video v3.4 Pro plugin not yet rendered/previewed.


      Thank you in advance!