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    Scratch disk media editing vs. internal




      My current setup is Win8 Pro, i7-990x Extreme, 24Gb kit, and a Quadro2K.  I've been editing Full HD nicely in realtime for the last two years.  I have a single bootup SSD drive for the OS and programs, and two 2TB drives - one mirrors the other.  I had to go this route because my initial 2TB RAID 0 Glyph had died and since then I've been skeptic of that protocol regardless of the fact that's how we were rigged in film school.  I do know however know that my old RAID Glyph setup loaded video (thumbnails) significantly faster than now.  I have gone through numerous ways to RAID my motherboard but without success. 


      So I was curious of any other hard drive configurations that significantly improve editing time and perhaps rendering.  Should I forget about my rig containing big TB drives and simply downgrade in capacity to two more SSD's like the following:


      Boot Drive 1 60 SSD - Win8 Pro

      Drive 2 - 240GB SSD media

      Drive 3 - 240GB SSD media

      Drive 4 - 2 TB backup


      Also are there any benefits in working in a multiple SSD setup if I plan to edit some files that are on (let's say) Drive 2 while Premiere Pro is running on boot from Drive 1?  Or would it be better to have one bigger SSD like Crucial's M500 that's running the OS and working on media files from one SSD architecture?  Retrieving files from another SSD internally is also a scratch protocol is it not?