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    One sequence not allowing audio mixer recording, another recording at wrong rate


      I'm betting this is a really simple issue but it's unfortunately a difficult one to google search due to the keywords being common in other big issues. I use the Audio Mixer to record audio for my sequences alongside the video.


      However, in one sequence I use frequently, it simply won't save any audio after recording. In other words, selecting a track, clicking record, and clicking play, will all function as normal (with the timeline moving forward as normal), but no audio file is ever saved or put onto the timeline.


      In a second sequence, I can record fine, but the final audio comes out at the wrong rate and I usually need to do a rate stretch adjustment of about ~108%. I can manually fix every recording but, like the first issue, it's getting to be a huge hassle in the workflow.


      I feel like the solution to both of these problems are simple, and were probably me clicking somewhere on accident one day, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to solve either of them. Any help is appreciated!