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    Photoshop CC Bugs

    Ged Traynor Adobe Community Professional

      Just been reading about the amount of bugs in the new Photoshop CC, doesn't sound very good, think it's crazy that adobe would treat their costumers like this. Thankfully I have Photoshop CS6 which works perfectly for me. Looks like I for one won't be going near the CC, a lot of unhappy people out there so far.

      What have Adobe gone and done, they have just ruined a perfectly good product. All for the sake of GREED and PROFITS

      Silly Silly people

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          Actually, there's only a handful of known bugs at this point - about what you'd expect for a major new release.

          And all of them so far are annoying UI issues, not data corruption or crashing issues.

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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The upshot of the Cloud as I understand it, is that you will be free to add in improvements now instead of waiting for an upgrade cycle. I'm on the introductory offer,so I'll know if it will work out at the end of the contract. Even at $20 per,I pay more than that for coffee. So who knows?



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              Jaysb77 Level 1



              I've been noticing quite a few bugs aswell. Can anyone tell me if the following is a bug or not. When I use the rounded rectangle feature I can edit that layer over and over again but as soon as I duplicate the layer or save the file as a .psd file, I loose the option to edit that layer again. I can't change the roundness, stroke color etc. Live shape properties turns into a masks properties and no matter what I do I can't get the live shape properties back again.


              Is anyone else having this issue?




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                Yes, that is a known bug - discussed in several other topics.

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                  Jaysb77 Level 1

                  Thanks Chris, Good to know, I hope they fix these bugs soon because these features are extremely usefull