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    Photoshop CS6 full version suddenly trial?


      It's actually CS6 extended (student edition), and it suddenly became the trial version. I couldn't find the problem with it originally, and now it won't even let me open the program! It opens up the trial box, which I close, and it won't open t he application.


      I did some research, and it had something to do with the latest update which I just took and installed. However, it still isn't working.


      I do a lot of my work in this program, and it would be great to get it back up and running again. I am running it on Windows 7.


      Also, we just recently moved, so I don't know where the box is to find the serial number. I do have it installed on the other computer, but I prefer to use it on this computer.


      I have also looked into this, and cannot find the serial number in the other computer. I have tried opening the registry edit via run, but I wasn't able to locate the serial number. (The instructions I found for this were for XP, so it was a little different)


      Does anybody  know how to find the serial number within your computer once it's already installed?