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    16 hours to transcode 14.8Gb (of 62Gb) from m2ts > flv. Cost for min wage intern: $512.00. Normal?

    MD Optofonik Level 1

      Just finished transcoding some m2ts files to flv and it took about an hour per gig. I have a total of 62Gb to transcode. Based on an 8 hour day thats over 7 days work. Paying an intern CA minimum wage with no overtime is about $512.00 for supervising the transcoding process (Media Encoder crashes when so many files are queued up).


      I'm happy that the converted clips are about a third the size of the original but it is taking a long time.


      A clip that is 1:28 minutes in length is taking 4:38 minutes to transcode.


      Is this about normal?