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    ADE not closes and is empty.


      Editions 2.0 opens, then closes due to an unspecified error when I click on anything. I have not yet uninstalled version 1.7. Version 1.7 is empty, with all purchased books gone from the library. Also, I tried to download an ebook. It downloads fine, but then when I close the book to copy it to my e reader, the Editions is empty, no book to copy. Any ideas?

      Thank you

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          sjpt Level 4

          You should be able to run 1.7.2 and 2.0 on the same machine (even at the same time if you want).

          However, installing 2.0 over 1.7.2 does do some curious things.

          You often end up with 2.0 in a semi-authorized state.


          First, I suggest you make sure ADE2.0 is really authorized correctly ~ whatever it says about authorization.

          Try completely removing any authorization using ctrl-shift-D to ADE (cmd-shift-D if on Mac).

          Restart ADE, and then reauthorize with your Adobe ID.


          Verify that the eReader is still authorized with your correct ID as well.


          See how it goes and post back, and we can take it from there.