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    OS Question

    Shane P Level 3



      I downloaded PPCC on my Win 7 laptop am I am really liking all of the improvements. My workstation is Vista 64. I just read the tech specs on PPCC and see that its minimum requirements for Windows is either Win 7 or Win 8.


      I am running PPCS6 on Vista 64 and it runs beautifully.


      Will PPCC run on Vista 64 as well or has something be changed "under the hood" that will only allow it to run on 7 or 8?


      I know an upgrade to 7 or 8 is necessary at some point but I just can't find the ambition to do so at the moment when my Vista OS and current apps run like butter.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          Download the trial and find out.


          Unless an Adobe employee has the answer for you tomorrow, that is probably the fastest way to find out. Download the CC trial on to the workstation. If it even allows you to do that it wil probably work just fine.


          By the way, not that it actually matters, Amazon has Vista listed as one of the operating systems for the Creative Cloud.

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            petergaraway Adobe Employee

            It will run on Vista but as stated it is not a supported OS.




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